The 1000 tonne, 4 lane, North Bridge was a major road bridge that spanned a canal and several tracks of the railway mainline through the centre of Doncaster.
The deck was constructed from steel trusses and beams, topped by steel sheeting, overlaid with mass-filled concrete and topped with tarmac. The bridge was supported at each end by traditional masonry abutments and from beneath by rows of concrete-filled cylindrical steel columns. A service duct ran down the centre of the bridge, which carried gas, water, telephone & electricity services.
The structure was stripped back to its primary frame and the deck was cut into sections of approximately 25 tonnes, which were slung from the new bridge that was being constructed simultaneously, directly above. Using pulleys, the sections were drawn along the underneath of the new bridge and lowered down onto the canal towpath for further size-reduction. A 1000 tonne crane was used to lift 50 tonne sections of the bridge’s sides onto the abutments for subsequent size reduction.
For safety reasons, some of the works were undertaken when the railway was closed down, during the night

North Bridge Doncaster

Part of North Bridge’s canal & railway spans

Removal of the north carriageway

Lifting of soffit plate from south carriageway


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