Hutchinson demolition (Yorkshire Ltd) Case studies




We have demolished many bridges over the years, ranging from reinforced-concrete to traditional steel and masonry, including viaducts, single and multi-span bridges.


North bridge and St. Mary’s bridge, Doncaster.

The 1000 tonne, 4 lane, North Bridge was a major road bridge that spanned a canal and several tracks of the railway mainline through the centre of Doncaster.

The deck was constructed from steel trusses and beams, topped by steel sheeting, overlaid with mass-filled concrete and topped with tarmac. The bridge was supported at each end by traditional masonry abutments and from beneath by rows of concrete-filled cylindrical steel columns. A service duct ran down the centre of the bridge, which carried gas, water, telephone & electricity services.

The structure was stripped back to its primary frame and the deck was cut into sections of approximately 25 tonnes, which were slung from the new bridge that was being constructed simultaneously, directly above. Using pulleys, the sections were drawn along the underneath of the new bridge and lowered down onto the canal towpath for further size-reduction. A 1000 tonne crane was used to lift 50 tonne sections of the bridge’s sides onto the abutments for subsequent size reduction.

Some of the works were undertaken during periods when the railway was closed down, during the night.

The contract value exceeded £350,000.00.


Halfpenny bridge, Sheffield.

The halfpenny bridge spanned the River Don, close to the Meadowhall shopping centre. It was constructed from in situ poured reinforced concrete

A scaffold support system was constructed beneath the bridge before it was progressively dismantled using hand-operated percussive tools.


Colwyn Bay station footbridge, Wales.

The large footbridge and two stair/ lift towers were demolished under night-time occupations when the trains were not running on the mainline tracks through the station.

The bridge was progressively stripped back to its primary frame and dismantled by hot cutting and use of a 500 tonne crane.



Mills and factories

A major amount of our work takes place on mill sites, either as enabling works for property owners to construct new industrial buildings, or making way for total redevelopment of the site into housing for the North of England’s leading house-builders. We have also stripped out mills prior to their conversion into housing.


Michelin tyre factory, Stoke on Trent.

We demolished a selection of production and storage buildings from within a large “live” tyre production plant. Work included asbestos removal, rebuilding, provision of parking and drainage, etc. many restrictions were imposed upon the scheme for safety reasons, due to the risk of fire and explosion and also the presence of a live fibre-optic cable that was heavily protected, due to the client’s reliance on data traffic to and from its other branches.

Contact value approx. £400,000.00.


Amo blinds mill, Heckmondwike

Demolition of an unsafe 5-storey mill with Jack-arched floors on a busy crossroads. The work was undertaken in a single night, with a full road closure in operation. Enabling work included removal of the first bay of an adjoining warehouse to protect it from damage, and construction of a crash-deck to 2 roads as protection to mains gas, water and electric services, in the event of an uncontrolled collapse of the mill.


Titanic mills, Huddersfield.

The mill was bounded by a road and a river.

We demolished buildings varying from single to 3 storeys.

We stripped all timber floors out of the main  8 storey mill building, which was subsequently redeveloped into luxury apartments.


Avocet Site, Brighouse

We dismantled a steel-framed factory from within a new factory that had been built over it.

The site was “live” and partially occupied by the client’s personnel.

We also undertook asbestos removal and building work.


Nova Scotia mill, Blackburn

Demolition of structures from single to 5 storeys high. Work included asbestos removal, demolition of a fire-damaged 3-storey block, salvaging of architectural features and dismantling of a multi-storey block against a busy canal using a high-reach excavator.


Kings Norton business centre, Birmingham

Demolition of 2 asbestos-roofed brick-built warehouses, including asbestos removal and crushing of resultant material for subsequent reuse in regarding/ remedial work to the site.


Flush mills, Heckmondwike.

Demolition of traditionally constructed mill buildings within a very large site, ranging from single to 5 storeys high.


Albert mills, Dewsbury

Demolition of a fire-damaged 5-storey mill structure from the side of the river Calder.

Demolition of the remaining buildings, varying from single to 5 storeys.



Commercial properties

We have worked in many shopping centres and commercial properties, both in a “live” environment and while closed down for refurbishment, including:


Oasis food court, Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield

Night-time work to dismantle mock-up buildings, features, cladding to columns and removal of a lift-shaft within the Oasis food court which remained in use throughout the works.

Sainsbury’s, Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield

Full strip out, back to the primary frame of a large shop unit mainly during normal working hours, including dismantling of plant from the roof top and service towers. The work also included breaking out of a 600m2  reinforced-concrete deck from a steel-framed mezzanine floor.


3 large shop units, Parkgate retail Park, Rotherham

Stripping out of 3 retail units including removal of floor coverings, block and partition

walls, etc. from within a live trading estate.


Kingston retail Park, Hull

We stripped out 2 large commercial units on the “live” retail park, prior to their refurbishment.


Crystal Peaks shopping centre, Sheffield

Dismantling of a glazed pyramid-shaped portico during 2 nightshifts.




We have demolished several redundant hospitals and undertaken stripping out and partial demolition works in many “live” ones.


Wharfdale Hospital, Otley.

We removed asbestos and demolished wards and staff accommodation at the “live” site over a 3 year phased period.


General Infirmary, Leeds

Stripping out of the hospital’s kitchen area within a controlled “live” environment including removal of masonry walls, floor coverings and coldrooms.


Seacroft Hospital, Leeds

Demolition of wards and staff accommodation following asbestos removal within a “live” site.


Carlton Hayes Hospital, Leicester

Demolition of a very large hospital site prior to construction of the new Alliance and Leicester HQ.

Work included asbestos removal, salvaging of ornate architectural features, demolition by explosives of a chimney and two ventilation towers, reclamation of slate and timber.


General hospital, and maternity hospital sites, Dewsbury.

Asbestos removal, salvaging of architectural items and demolition of the local landmarks.


Community hospital, Ripon.

We removed asbestos and demolished two ward buildings in this “Live” site.



Schools and universities

We have demolished many schools over the years, varying from single to multi-storey and ranging in age from a few years to two hundred years old. We have also worked on several university sites, including Leeds and Sheffield.


Rotherham schools project

We were engaged in the demolition of 15 schools in Rotherham, varying from single classroom to multi-unit and multi-storey sites of several acres. Work included asbestos removal, salvaging materials and features and partial dismantling to allow construction of new facilities within the footprint of redundant structures.

Schools on this project included: Maltby Craggs, Wath comprehensive, Thrybergh comprehensive, Wingfield comprehensive, Wickersley college, Clifton upper and lower comprehensives, Old Hall Comprehensive, Meadowhall junior, Kimberworth primary, Thornhill primary, Wath central primary, East Dene junior & infants, Park Rd infants, etc.


Airedale high school, Castleford

Works to the live school site included asbestos removal, demolition of fire-damaged classrooms and minor building work.


Boothroyd lane Junior and Boothroyd lane infant schools, Dewsbury

Demolition of two traditionally built stone-faced schools from single to two-storeys in height, including asbestos removal and salvaging/ reclamation of materials and features.


Leeds Metropolitan University

We stripped out the upper floors of the main city centre site to enable the new computer suites to be fitted.

We also completed demolition and strip out works at their Queen’s square site.


Halifax Schools project.

We worked on Halifax high school, Sowerby Bridge high school, South Halifax high school, Exley and Ryburn valley schools, removing asbestos and/ or demolition.

We also demolished the south Halifax high school, Exley.


Sheffield Hallam University

We removed asbestos within under-floor pipe ducts at the “live” Herbert wing site.


Askham Bryan agricultural college, York

We removed asbestos and demolished accommodation blocks at this site, in 3 phases.



Local Authority projects

We work for several local authorities including Kirklees, Manchester, Wakefield, Bradford, Calderdale, Leeds and Doncaster.

Work undertaken for them includes tendered work for asbestos removal, demolition and dismantling of single to multi-storey buildings and structures such as housing, schools, sports facilities depots, etc.

We also undertake emergency call-out work locally for fire and accidentally damaged structures.


3 sheltered housing sites, Kirklees

We demolished 3 large former aged persons’ homes in the area, on a 16-week rolling programme. Work included asbestos removal, demolition of 2-storey buildings and landscaping of the sites.


Multi-storey blocks of flats and housing units, Bradford.

We have demolished many properties for the Bradford council over the last 3 decades, including blocks of flats, semi-detached and terraced housing, in and around the city.


Girnhill estate, Featherstone

We undertook asbestos removal and demolition of approximately 100 council-owned houses over a 6 month period.


Inner city work

We have demolished many inner city projects, including the following:


Barclays Bank, York St. Manchester.

The 12 storey bank hall and office was located in the busy commercial area of Manchester and stood with streets to 3 sides and adjoined a building on its other side. The building was dismantled over a 15-week period using a combination of mini-plant, hand operated breakers and cranes for upper floors, followed by conventional demolition by excavators of the bottom 2 floors.


Daily mail site, Hull

We removed asbestos and demolished structures varying between 3-6 storeys in height from within a site that was bordered by a shopping precinct, two one-way streets and adjoining properties to the 4th side.


Royal Exchange building, Swan St. Manchester

We removed asbestos, stripped out the 4 storey building, removed a large canopy structure, cut out walls and a lift shaft, removed roof slabs, stairs and concrete floors over an 8 week duration to allow a further 2 storeys to be added to the theatre’s training/ rehearsal centre. The project managers were Mace.



Work to listed buildings

We have worked on several listed buildings, primarily undertaking soft strip and structural alterations including:


D10 building Boots complex, Beeston, Nottingham

Works to the grade 2 listed building included soft strip,  removal of a structural floor etc from a live pharmaceutical production building. Sound, vibration and dust emissions were constantly monitored by the client during the 6 week project.


Odeon Cinema, Blackburn

We undertook asbestos removal, strip out and removal of structural and non-structural elements from within the grade 2 building.


Odeon cinema, Headrow, Leeds

Work included structural stabilisation, the provision of structural propping and cutting out of 2 no. 5mtr high, 3mtr wide, 1.2mtr thick external wall sections to facilitate formation of access into the structure. The grade 2 listed building is on a major inner city route and shopping area.


Swan Hotel, Nantwich

Work included asbestos removal, partial removal of a roof, internal walls and floors and demolition of pediments to a grade 2 listed hotel on a busy 1-way street.


John Lewis building, Blackpool

We undertook asbestos removal, soft stripping, propping and removal of the upper 3 floors of the building.


Former Mansion to the rear of the Ford Garage, Hemsworth

Dismantled a grade 1 listed building after numbering all stone on the façade for storage and eventual re-building.

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